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Family vacation is not a matter of course

Every year we are part of countless families’ exciting holiday planning. Great anticipation of the upcoming holidays begins with the selection of the perfect holiday home. You look forward to experiencing new adventures and spending a lot of time together. Far away from everyday life and its worries.

But the fact is that more and more families in Germany cannot afford a holiday due to their tight financial situation. According to Eurostat, one in six Germans is affected. And there are other misfortunes that can make a holiday impossible. This is especially bad for children, and a holiday together is immensely important. They need to be close to and spend time with their parents.

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Holiday on us

We want to help affected families and set an example. To this end, we launched the “Holiday on us” campaign in 2014 and give away 10 days of vacation to 10 families every year. We have already made more than 200 people happy with a vacation in 6 great vacation spots.

100 days of vacation

In addition to a ten-day holiday in a holiday home, there are other great surprises waiting for the children. There are surprise packages, great action days with all children and parents as well as numerous excursions at the destination, which are made possible by close cooperation with the destinations.

Behind the scenes

Holiday on us!

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In December 2017, a young and committed team of students from the University of Bremen approached us. They presented us with the following idea: A sustainable, deposit reusable cups system for Bremen and the surrounding area – “Cup2date”. The group of students was looking for a partner who would support their project both financially and otherwise. It’s a really worthy cause, because according to BUND (the German Federation for the Protection of the Environment and Nature), in Bremen alone, 23 million takeaway coffee cups end up in the garbage every year, while the figure for Germany as a whole is an astounding 2.8 billion.

Our decision to support the project was thus a quick one. Thanks to Cup2date, since January 2018 there has been a sustainable alternative to conventional single-use takeaway cups in all participating cafes and bakeries, allowing the people of Bremen to enjoy their coffee or tea with a clear conscience, even on the move. More than 30 cafes are now participating in this rental model. The principle is simple: you order your coffee or tea to go in a Cup2date reusable cup, leave a €1 deposit and return the empty cup to one of the participating cafes. Uncomplicated and sustainable!

We are happy to see how Cup2date continues to grow and spread beyond Bremen’s borders.