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It’s not about apartments, it’s about relationships

Guest, Host, Us

Our journey started with the dream of both Traum-Ferienwohnungen founders, who have invested a lot of love into the project so that our guests can experience their dream holiday with us, and hosts can let their apartment with our help. Love and affection are the foundation of every strong, personal connection, be it within the family, or between friends, colleagues, guests, or hosts. We believe that love arises when people are honest with each other and work together with passion. And this is also reflected in our logo.

We believe in


because they come true if you just work hard enough at them


because it’s what makes life worth living


because it is the foundation of every strong personal relationship


because they mean unity, community, relaxation, and happiness


because everyone should feel at home – whether at work or on holiday

Strong bonds,

because they give us strength. They can lead to extraordinary experiences

Our vision

“Create moments that really count.” Moments from which sustainable relationships can grow. Moments you tell your grandchildren about.

We want to make people happy:
On holiday, at work, doing activities
We want to offer a home:
For families and our staff
We want to enable a fantastic holiday experience in authentic and unforgettable places
We want to create sustainable holiday memories
We want to create friendships:
Between guests and hosts, between hosts and staff, between guests and us, and between us and staff


We love travelling with dogs

Why are humans allowed in hotels but not our four-legged friends? We know that travelling with dogs is a key issue for many guests. We love dogs and thus understand the needs of dog owners: can I take my dog with me or not? Is the property fenced in? Our listings provide the right answers to these and many other questions.



We support families

Family is very important to us. Traum-Ferienwohnungen was created out of love for our families. We would like to provide families with unforgettable holiday experiences with Traum-Ferienwohnungen. Since a holiday is not a given for every family, however, we have been supporting such families since 2014 and, as part of our campaign “Vacation on us”, are enabling them to take a break together during their holidays.



We live and love freedom

We are convinced that guests and hosts should have the freedom to interact without artificial barriers. Trusting relationships can only be established through personal contact.



We think and act sustainably

Because of our generational consciousness, we think and act sustainably. We support families in making their journey carbon neutral.



We believe in the home

We believe in the home and do everything we can to make our guests on holiday and our staff at the office feel at home.



We are always ready to listen

Whether guest, host, or colleague, we try to solve any concerns, questions, or problems via dialogue. Being ready to listen helps us to avoid talking past each other and to work out solutions together. We are happy to receive both praise and criticism. Our door is always open.



We believe in respect

We don’t want to talk past each other. The basis of any healthy relationship is to take the other person seriously, along with their desires and fears, and understand them.



We are hosts ourselves

We know hosts’ fears and worries because we, together with our families, are hosts, too. With more than 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to successfully let a holiday home.



We are experts on our homeland

No one knows their homeland as well as the hosts themselves. That’s why we work very closely with hosts and the DMOs of the region and therefore know the particularities of the regions very well. In so doing, we can always offer our guests just the right thing for their own personal circumstances.