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Urlaub machen wo Weihnachtsfilme spielen

Christmas Movies In Check: These Places Are Among The Most Popular Settings

What would Christmas and the pre-Christmas season be without the classic movies that run up and down on TV? For us, this is the perfect time to select the most popular location in Christmas movies! We found this out in a comparison of around 400 Christmas-related films.

Aktivitäten und Erlebnisse

Traum-Ferienwohnungen expands the offer for holidaymakers to include leisure activities

The online marketplace Traum-Ferienwohnungen is expanding its offer for holidaymakers. In addition to arranging holiday accommodation, Traum-Ferienwohnungen now also enables holidaymakers to book leisure activities.

Ferienhaus in Schweden

Holidays Without Neighbours: The Six Most Beautiful Holiday Homes In A Secluded Location

Staying in a holiday home offers the ideal conditions for a successful break from it all, especially in times of pandemic. If you’re looking for peace and quiet in pristine, natural surroundings or if you want to have plenty of space for yourself away from the tourist hotspots, you’ll find suitable holiday homes in every part of Europe on the Traum-Ferienwohnungen portal. Traum-Ferienwohnungen presents the six most beautiful holiday homes in a secluded location.

Investition Ferienhaus: Hier sind die steuerlichen Abgaben besonders niedrig

Holiday Homes As An Investment:
These Are The Countries With The Lowest Tax Levies

Inflation and zero interest rates: Dealing with investments is not easy for many. Yet investing in a holiday property abroad promises several advantages. However, caution is advised especially regarding the ancillary costs of such an investment: We have found out in which of the most popular European holiday destinations the level of taxation is particularly favourable.

Social-Media-Analyse: Das sind die beliebtesten Urlaubsdestinationen auf Instagram

Social Media Analysis: These Are The Most Popular
Holiday Destinations on Instagram

The holiday season has begun and many families are off on vacation. But which holiday destination is the most popular on social media? We had a look at the favourite destinations of German travelers according to Instagram. Therefore, we analysed over a hundred places and regions in Europe as well as almost 800 hashtags related to holidays and travel.

Homestagerin Anke Lachmuth

Home staging: get more bookings with professional decorators

Prior to letting their apartment, many owners are unsure of what amenities they should include and what future guests want. Professional home stagers like Anke Lachmuth from I Love Home put flats and houses in the limelight. “An apartment has to win over potential holidaymakers at first glance, because another accommodation is usually just a click away,” says Anke Lachmuth. According to the website Traum-Ferienwohnungen, tastefully furnished lodgings with corresponding photos receive twice as many booking inquiries as less professionally furnished postings.

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About Traum-Ferienwohnungen

Founded in February 2001 as a small Internet start-up, Traum-Ferienwohnungen is now one of the leading websites in the field of renting vacation apartments and vacation homes, as well as one of the top 100 Internet sites in Germany. Hosts can advertise their vacation accommodation easily, transparently and successfully. Vacationers select their dream vacation home from over 100,000 vacation homes in about 70 countries. In addition to classic vacation homes and apartments, extraordinary vacation accommodations such as tree houses, houseboats, converted windmills or castles are also on the website.

Every year, over 46 million vacationers look for their perfect vacation accommodation at Traum-Ferienwohnungen. This is one of the reasons why around 30,000 landlords place their long-term trust in our company. Since May 2019, Traum-Ferienwohnungen GmbH has been part of OYO Vacation Homes, one of the leading companies in the field of vacation home rentals in Europe. In addition to Traum-Ferienwohnungen, this group also includes TUI-Ferienhaus, the Dutch full-service vacation home provider Belvilla and the Danish company DanCenter.

A matter of the heart

We support families

More and more families in Germany cannot afford a holiday due to their tight financial situation and other misfortunes. This situation is particularly bad for children. We want to make children’s eyes shine and create moments that really count and are always remembered. Therefore we decided to set an example and help affected families. In 2014, we launched the campaign “Vacation with heart” for this purpose. Every year we give ten families an unforgettable vacation home holiday – for many it is the first holiday trip in their lives.