Christmas Movies In Check: These Places Are Among The Most Popular Settings

  • Online marketplace Traum-Ferienwohnungen compares the locations as well as the countries of around 400 Christmas movies
  • New York City is particularly often seen in the films, Arctic in second place

With Kevin to New York in the movie Home Alone 2 or with the Grinch to a parallel world: what would Christmas and the pre-Christmas season be without the classic movies that run up and down on TV? It is not uncommon for us to long for the settings on Broadway or in the snowy countryside while watching them. For us, this is the perfect time to select the most popular location in Christmas movies! We found this out in a comparison of around 400 Christmas-related films.

The lonely top of the ranking is the Big Apple: with 22 films, including classics like Home Alone 2 or All Is Bright, most Christmas flicks are set in the city on the east coast of the USA. In second place comes London, a second metropolis with millions of inhabitants, which is represented in 16 film adaptations. A particularly snowy region is also among the locations in Christmas films 16 times: the Arctic is visited particularly often in the movies in search of Santa Clause.

Eleven films are set high in the sky, which means that aeroplanes are also a frequent location. The top five is rounded off by two more US cities, Chicago and Los Angeles, which are represented in nine films. Just as many films are set in fictional locations, such as the town of Whoville, whose Christmas celebration the Grinch wants to destroy in the classic of the same name.

In terms of filming locations over here, small towns are particularly often seen, creating a pre-Christmas atmosphere. In five films you can also admire Berlin in festive lighting. Two films, on the other hand, are set in Vienna: the international film version of The Nutcracker begins in Austria’s capital. Two other Christmas films were shot against a Bavarian backdrop.

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Find out which other locations can be seen in this table:

Which countries are most often represented in Christmas movies? You can find the answer here:

The USA is in the lead - at least when it comes to producing Christmas movies. 211 of the almost 400 film adaptations come from the United States. Germany also makes a lot of Xmas blockbusters: 53 films come from here, followed by Great Britain with 41 Christmas settings.

You can see all the production countries here:

About the research

​​To determine the locations and countries of production, a total of 397 films were examined on the Moviepilot film platform, which can be found under the keywords Christmas or Christmas films (as of 16th December 2021).