City by city: The four most popular summer travel destinations by car

With Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria now on board, the last states have just started their summer holidays. In light of all the ongoing chaos with air travel, travel destinations that can easily be reached by car are a priority for many travelers. But where is everyone going, what regional differences are there and how far do we have to go? With current fuel prices at around two euros, the journey there and back must also be factored into your budget. Traum-Ferienwohnungen has analysed Germans’ summer trips and identified the four most popular holiday regions for the 12 largest German cities as well as the respective driving distance to the most popular destination for each region.

Croatia is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans this summer. Istria made it into the top 4 of the 12 cities polled seven times. The East Frisian Islands are the second most represented with six mentions. North Holland, East Friesland and Ruegen tied for third place with five mentions each.
The Dutch coast has been a magnet for Western Germans for many years: it’s the first choice for travelers from Dortmund, Cologne and Essen and, at an average distance of 311 kilometres, it’s easy to manage even with children on board.
Ruegen and Istria have three first-place finishes. Berliners only need 310 km to get to the popular Baltic Sea island, while residents of Dresden and Leipzig have to travel a good 500 km. For residents of Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt, Istria is the most popular region this summer. To reach Pula, residents of Munich drive 604 km, only 100 km further than Leipzig to Ruegen.
Residents of Frankfurt cover longer distances in every direction and drive an average of 636 km to their four most popular destinations, the highest of all major cities. Residents of Hamburg, on the other hand, have the shortest journey: on average, they need 220 km to reach their top 4 destinations. The most popular region is the North Frisian Islands, with Sylt leading the way. It is only 186 km to the car train in Niebuell. The third shortest in terms of driving distance. The shortest drive to get to a top holiday destination is from Hamburg, where residents chose the Bay of Luebeck: it’s just 85 km to Scharbeutz.