Europe’s ski resorts in the cost check: In these regions the equipment is cheapest

After starting the year with mild temperatures, the weather has gradually returned to winter. In time for the winter holidays, snowy landscapes are once again a realistic prospect, at least in Europe’s ski regions. Many sports enthusiasts have been getting on their skis and hitting the slopes since the beginning of winter. However, rising costs are also making themselves felt on skiing holidays. You also have to dig deep into your pockets to rent skis, helmets, and boots. However, if you check the prices in the respective holiday villages beforehand, you can save quite a bit. We have made a comparison and recorded the prices for all ski equipment per adult in a total of 594 ski shops in 40 European regions and compared the respective average per resort. Accordingly, the rental fees differ by up to 160 euros per day.

For the budget-conscious among you, the Czech town of Harrachov is recommended to savour the ski slopes. The town on the Polish border, which in the past was famous for hosting the Ski Jumping World Cup, offers an average rental fee of 28 euros per day, making it the cheapest in the comparison. This is followed by 15 places in Slovakia, including the holiday resorts of Jasná and Liptovsky Hradok, where 40.30 euros per rental of equipment for an adult is charged everywhere. Skis, helmets and co. can also be rented cheaply in France: In Métabief in eastern France, holidaymakers pay 42 euros per day. Skiers pay similarly little in Borovets, Bulgaria (43 euros). On average, skiing equipment in European winter sports resorts costs 78 euros per day.

You can find out how high the prices are per city in this table:

It is much more expensive in Switzerland: with an average rental fee of 187 euros, St. Moritz is the most expensive place in the comparison. Holidaymakers have to pay the same amount per day if they want to ski down the mountains of Silvaplana Surlej, Pontresina or Celerina. All towns are located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, making it the most expensive region in the European comparison. Another town in Switzerland completes the top five: in Rougement, a rental fee of 174 euros per person is due.

It can also be expensive in German ski resorts. Especially in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, equipment rental fees are high, averaging 98 euros per day. On the other hand, holidaymakers pay only about half as much when they go to Winterberg in North Rhine-Westphalia (48 euros).

You can get an overview of all winter sports destinations here:

And how does it look in comparison to the European nations? Here, too, Switzerland is the most expensive skiing nation with an average price of 137 euros per day. The Alpine republic is followed by Spain and Austria, where holidaymakers pay 90 and 82 euros respectively. Italy's outfitters charge 78 euros, in Germany the average is 71 euros. It's cheaper in Eastern Europe: in Bulgaria and Slovakia it costs 44 and 43 euros a day respectively to get kitted out with skis, helmet, and boots. The Czech Republic brings up the rear with just under 43 euros.

Here you can see how much you have to pay on average to ski through Europe:

About the research
In order to determine the average rental fees, information from a total of 594 shops in 40 different ski regions was collected. The shops were recorded via (2nd January 2023).