Holiday home or hotel? This is how different the costs for accommodations are

  • Online marketplace Traum-Ferienwohnungen compares prices for hotels and holiday homes in 64 European cities and regions
  • The cheapest accommodation is in the Ore Mountains
  • Hotels on average almost 500 euros more expensive than holiday flats

Summer, sun and beach or high up in the mountains: we all love to go on holiday and relax, whatever the cost. Nevertheless, it is always helpful to look at the region and also the accommodation when planning a holiday in order to travel particularly cheaply. On the occasion of the upcoming summer holidays, we have done the big price check between hotel rooms and holiday homes and looked at which regions and places private accommodations are particularly worthwhile. To do this, we identified over 116,000 offers in the 64 most popular European travel destinations and compared the prices per week for couples, families and groups of four adults. So if you want to discover the most beautiful corners of Europe for little money, you can get an overview here.

Before going on holiday, the question of all questions arises: holiday flat or hotel room? Booking private accommodation is particularly worthwhile at Lake Constance, where prices differ by 180 percent. While a week at Lake Constance in a hotel costs 2,180 euros, a holiday flat in the region where three countries meet costs only 770 euros. If you are planning a city trip to Rome, you can also save money with a holiday flat: At 710 euros per week, these are significantly cheaper than a hotel room (1,790 euros). In Middle Franconia, the price difference of 1,550 euros in hotels and 620 euros in private accommodation is also considerable.

Overall, holiday home renters can save a good 515 euros per week compared to a stay in a hotel – that is about half of the average total price. For a week’s holiday in a holiday home, holidaymakers pay 1,010 euros, compared to 1,530 euros for a stay in a hotel.

Rome, Paris or Lake Constance? These are the regions where holidays in a holiday home are worthwhile:

Looking at accommodation for families, travel enthusiasts can stay particularly cheaply at Lake Constance. The average price for accommodation per week is just under 800 euros for holiday flats, whereas hotel visitors have to pay 2,650 - an increase of over 230 percent. The difference is similarly large in the Italian capital: in Rome, holidaymakers can save over 1,500 euros in private accommodation: While the hotel room costs an average of 2,230 euros, it is only 680 euros for a holiday flat. More than three times that amount is also saved in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where holiday home renters pay 850 euros a week, while hotel guests pay 2,610 euros.

You can find out how the average prices for accommodation for families turn out in this table:

It is also cheaper for couples to rent a flat in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: They pay 690 euros per week in the town near the Zugspitze, while they are charged 1,580 euros for a hotel room. In second place among the destinations with the greatest price differences is the Bernese foothills with a difference of over 93 per cent. A holiday flat in the Swiss region costs 770 euros for two adults, a room in a hotel 1,490 euros. If you prefer the seaside, you should definitely look for private accommodation in Norden: This costs 480 euros per week and is thus significantly cheaper than a stay in a hotel (910 euros).

All prices per region for a couple's holiday can be found here:

Many are planning a holiday trip together with friends again this summer: In a group with four adults, a stay in Wyk on Föhr is particularly profitable: In a shared house, the costs amount to 1,040 euros, while a hotel charges an average of 3,900 euros per week. The difference of 276 percent is the biggest of the comparison. Even for smaller groups in Norden, holiday flats are significantly cheaper at 530 euros than hotels (1,800 euros). The East Frisian city is followed by Lake Constance, where the difference is 228 percent: For holiday flats, four adults pay 775 euros, for a shared hotel room 2,540 euros.

All prices in the overview can be seen in the table:

About the research:
For the collection of average prices in the 64 most popular European holiday destinations, a total of 116,135 offers were evaluated via the booking platform as well as via Traum-Ferienwohnungen. For each holiday destination, the prices per week (11 to 17 July 2022) for two and four adults as well as two adults and two children (three and twelve years) were determined.