Holiday properties in check: These are the regions with the lowest purchase prices

Inflation is taking its course, especially this year. As a result, many Germans do not know how best to invest their money. Not infrequently, real estate is the solution, whether as a mere capital investment, as a home of one’s own or as a holiday residence. The latter is particularly suitable in the cold winter or rainy autumn: simply travel to southern Europe for a while and enjoy the sun’s rays or go skiing in the Alps. If you are not currently using the property yourself, it can easily be rented out to other holidaymakers via Traum-Ferienwohnungen.
We took a closer look at the current situation on the European property market and recorded the average prices per region and per country. The study includes around 27,400 properties that are currently for sale in Europe. We did not include all offers that are smaller than ten square metres or have a purchase price of more than ten million euros.

One region in Switzerland is at the top of the list, located on the picturesque Lake Lucerne: With an average purchase price of 21,790 euros per square metre, properties in Schwyz are the most expensive. Much cheaper, but still expensive, are the properties in Vienna: 15,760 euros have to be paid on average in the Austrian capital. Portuguese places are also among the regions with the most expensive prices for a holiday home. Prices are particularly high in Cascais, a fishing town on the coast off Lisbon, where buyers pay 15,110 euros per square metre. The top five is completed by Graubünden and Île-de-France: while estate agents in the Swiss canton charge an average of 14,520 euros, the figure in the conurbation around Paris is 13,950 euros.

You can find out how high the prices are in all regions in this table:

So if you'd rather look for options that don't require you to dig as deep into your pockets, take a look at Spain and Italy: The five cheapest European regions are all in the two southern European holiday countries. The region around Valencia is particularly cheap: buyers pay an average of 1,690 euros per square metre. The region is followed by Navarra, which lies in the north of Spain and borders on France. Here, 1,760 euros per square metre are paid for the purchase of a flat or house. The Italian region of Umbria, which Italians call the green heart of the country because of its landscape, is also one of the cheapest regions: The average price per square metre is 1,870 euros, while the price in the area surrounding the Spanish metropolis of Tarragona is similarly low (1,940 euros). The Piedmont region in northern Italy follows with a price of 1,950 euros per square metre.

Not the cheapest, but the largest range of properties for sale, Barcelona: 1,880 homes can currently be bought in the Catalan metropolis. In second place is one of the most popular holiday regions for Germans, which is often referred to as the 17th state for this reason: In Mallorca, 1,571 properties are currently for sale. 1,018 listings can currently be found in Greece's capital Athens. Those who prefer to stay at home will find what they are looking for above all in Bavaria: 930 properties are for sale in the state in the south of the Federal Republic, and the offer on the Costa Blanca is similarly large (909 properties).

How big is the selection in all regions? You can find the answer here:

And in which country is it cheapest? The lucky tail end is Belgium, where buyers pay an average of 3,650 euros per square metre. Prices in Malta and Ireland are also lower, at 3,690 and 3,730 euros respectively. Greece and Italy, two typical holiday destinations for Germans, are among the countries with the cheapest offers: 3,890 and 4,080 euros per square metre. France is much more expensive: with an average price of 12,740 euros per square metre, the country is the most expensive country to buy a property. Prices are similarly high in Luxembourg and Switzerland, where buyers pay an average of 12,540 and 11,010 euros per square metre respectively. On average, buyers pay around 5,250 euros per square metre of a property in Europe.

This table shows how wide the choice is in all countries:

In terms of supply per nation, the holiday region Spain dominates with a total of 11,780 properties, followed by Germany and Italy (5,204 and 3,474 respectively). Portugal and Greece complete the top five: 1,829 and 1,383 homes respectively can be purchased by buyers in the two countries, which are known for their picturesque landscapes, proximity to the Mediterranean and mild climate.

An overview of all prices per square metre per nation can be found here:

You can find a complete overview of prices and offers per nation in this chart:

About the survey
To determine the purchase prices, a total of 27,409 properties in European nations were recorded, which can be purchased through the international brokerage firm Engel & Völkers. The average prices per square metre were determined per region as well as per country. We did not take into account any offers smaller than ten square metres or with a purchase price of more than ten million euros.