Kurtaxe in comparison: This is how much dog owners have to pay on holiday

The whole family is going on holiday again. Who can’t be missing? Of course, man’s best friend! For many of us, dogs are part of the perfect trip and many holiday accommodations welcome four-legged friends. Nevertheless, holidaymakers should take a close look at their destinations if they want to take their dog with them. In some regions there are hidden costs, such as the visitor’s tax for dogs. We have found out for you how high this is depending on the place and where the animals are allowed to travel free of charge. For this purpose, we determined the amount of the visitor’s tax per day in about 100 holiday resorts in Germany.

According to this, there are some places on the Baltic and North Sea that currently charge tourists a visitor’s tax for dogs. This is particularly high on Baltrum: pet owners have to pay 1.50 euros per day when visiting the North Sea island – top value in comparison. One euro each is due in the seaside resort of Zingst and in the Baltic Sea resorts of Wustrow, Binz and Thiessow. In addition to the tax of 2.80 and 2.30 euros per person in Binz and Zingst respectively, a holiday for three can quickly become expensive: Costs of 46.20 and 39.20 euros per week are already incurred.

A health resort fee for dogs is not only charged in Binz, but also in other places in Rügen. While tourists in the Baltic resort of Breege-Juliusruh pay a fee of 1.80 euros per person in the high season, they bear additional costs of 80 cents for their four-legged friends. Taking along the do costs 50 cents per day each in the Baltic Sea resorts of Baabe and Glowe, 40 cents in Göhren on Rügen.

You can find all the regions and holiday resorts and their charges for dogs in this table:

As the table reveals, dog owners are lucky in many regions and places: in most cities, the holiday for the four-legged friends remains free of charge. Upper Bavaria, Saxon Switzerland or the Black Forest, for example, can be visited without additional fees. If holidaymakers don't want to miss out on a trip to the coast and taking their dogs with them, a trip to the East Frisian islands of Juist, Borkum or Norderney is worthwhile: here, too, no health resort tax is due.
However, it is questionable whether this will remain the case: the introduction of a health resort fee for dogs is also currently being discussed in some health resorts in the Allgäu region. The reason for this is the insufficient income in the budget coffers with which the municipalities are struggling.