North Sea or Baltic Sea? This is the best place for a holiday this summer

  • Online marketplace Traum-Ferienwohnungen compares vacation quality at the North Sea and Baltic Sea based on five different criteria
  • Hardly any price differences in the accommodations
  • Prices for beach chairs on the Baltic Sea on average two euros higher

Many families are drawn to the north during the summer holidays. Enjoy the sea in Germany in the sunshine and simply relax. But where is it more worthwhile to go on holiday? The Baltic Sea or the North Sea? We have made a big comparison for you in terms of prices and availability and looked at which destination has the edge. To do this, we used five different criteria: These include the Google ratings of the beaches, the number or prices for accommodation per week for two adults and two children in August, the prices for a beach chair and the number of sights and restaurants on Tripadvisor in each of the five most popular cities.

Experience shows that accommodation on the German coast is booked up quickly. There are currently 725 holiday flats or hotel rooms available for families on the North Sea, and slightly fewer on the Baltic Sea (681). There are particularly many vacant options in Westerland, Büsum and Greetsiel (74, 28 and 24 accommodations respectively). Looking at the prices, holidaymakers can save 60 euros if they go to the coast around Büsum and Westerland: accommodation here costs 725 euros for a week, while the price in Lübeck, Kiel and Co. is 865 euros.

This table shows how many rooms and holiday flats are still available for rent in all the cities:

Unlike the accommodation, the restaurants at the Baltic Sea are somewhat more expensive: with an average price range of 2.36, the rate is higher than in the neighboring coast (2.33). The choice is also much smaller in the east, with around 340 restaurants, than on the North Sea (570). Those who like fine dining will find numerous options in Westerland: Six Michelin restaurants are open in the town of Sylt, while on the entire Baltic coast there are only four restaurateurs who have managed to earn a star.

You can find an overview of the restaurants here:

The beaches on both coasts are not only in great demand in summer, they are also popular: the North Sea gets 4.5 out of a possible five points, the rating in the East is even better (4.6). The FFK beach in Westerland, as well as the beach in Wangerooge and the West beach in Born am Darß, score particularly well, with ratings of five and 4.9 respectively. So there is a beach for many tastes in the top list.

A beach chair is worthwhile to go with it, but the prices vary significantly depending on the location. A day in a beach chair in Binz on the Baltic Sea is particularly expensive, where the price is 16 euros. For the punks in Westerland, the cost of seating is also high at 14 euros, similar to that in Kuehlungsborn (13 euros). For less money, a beach chair can be rented in Westerdeichstrich and on Hallig Hooge for five euros per day.

You can see all prices for a day in a beach chair in this table:

However, there are not only a variety of beaches, but also plenty of sights to discover. Among the best-rated are the Cemetery of the Homeless in Westerland or the Crane Observation Point in Pramort. Those looking for a good view should visit the piers in Prerow and Zingst, and the Schleimünde lighthouse in Kappeln is also popular. For children, the experimentarium in Zingst offers variety and can also be enjoyed in bad weather.