Travelling with a dog: travel experts give tips for holiday planning with four-legged friends

Hund sitzt auf einem Boot und schaiut über das Wasser eines Sees

Bremen, August 20, 2020. On the occasion of the national dog day on August 26th in the USA, the vacation rental company Traum-Ferienwohnungen reveals what dog owners should consider when planning their holidays and which destinations are particularly suitable. The vacation home portal offers altogether over 95.000 vacation homes in approximately 70 countries, over 45.000 dog-friendly accommodations alone in Europe. The fact that dog owners do not want to do without their beloved animal also in their vacation results in an analysis of the filter used on With 65 percent of all search inquiries the filter with dog is set and looked for dog-friendly holiday houses and vacation homes. It ranks thereby among the most used filters on the vacation home portal.

“Beside suitable accommodations, we offer vacationers and landlords on our Internet sides also a multiplicity of information to topics like the best destinations with the dog, Tipps to moving or beach vacation with the quadruped, vacation checklists and recommendations to inoculations and insurance on“, says Franziska frank, press spokeswoman of Traum-Ferienwohnungen. For this, the holiday house mediator coordinates regularly with insurers, who offer dog health insurance and further auxiliary services and in close contact with veterinary surgeons stand. In this way, we want to make a stress-free holiday experience possible for humans and animals.

Destinations with dog

The travel experts of Traum-Ferienwohnungen advise choosing a destination that is not too far away. “After all, you don’t want to impose endless travel times by car, train or plane on your beloved four-legged friend. That’s why nearby destinations such as Germany, the Netherlands, Austria or Switzerland are recommended if you want to spend a relaxing vacation with your own furry nose“, Frank continues. In addition to the destination, the season also plays a decisive role in holiday planning. Dogs with long fur and short noses do not feel comfortable in too hot temperatures, while little Chihuahuas are reluctant to prance through the icy snow. “Therefore, both destination and travel time should be adapted to the preferences of your own dog and chosen accordingly”, advises Frank. Furthermore, it is important to check which entry regulations exist in the preferred travel country. In some countries, for example, so-called list of dogs may not be taken along at all.

The dog-friendly accommodation

While many hotels and holiday resorts do not allow animals, holiday homes and apartments are a good alternative. “At Traum-Ferienwohnungen, many hosts have a four-legged friend themselves and therefore offer their accommodation for a vacation with a dog. Furthermost dog-friendly landlords make information available already in their accommodation descriptions to dog beaches or dog meadows or can give appropriate Tipps“, recommend Franziska Frank.

Prepared for all cases

Especially for dog owners, a detailed holiday planning is important. Even if the change of scenery is in most cases an enrichment for humans and animals, it can also mean stress under certain circumstances. “The most important thing is to be alert and take unusual behavior and signs that indicate illness or injury seriously. Caution, by the way, with saltwater: It goes without saying that humans and dogs should not drink salt water, as saltwater dehydrates the body when large quantities are present. It has also been repeatedly observed that it can cause skin irritation in dogs. Therefore, it is recommended to rinse the four-legged friend with fresh water after the bathing fun in order to remove residues”, advises expert Antonius Bigge of the independent insurance group HanseMerkur. Furthermore, care should be taken to ensure that dogs do not eat too much sand when playing, in order to avoid sand colic. The animals then suffer from cramps in the stomach and intestinal area, which is expressed by loss of appetite, diarrhea or vomiting. The expert advises to take care of the animal especially during vacation and to get all the important information for the emergency before the start of the trip.

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