Wellness holiday in a holiday home – customised relaxation

Bremen, July 29, 2019. For many Germans, holidays are a time for wellness and relaxation. In addition, there is also a need for customised holidays and independence. Holiday accommodation hosts offer the perfect combination of personalised travel and wellness. “We are organising more and more wellness accommodation packages. Searches for holiday homes with a sauna have increased by more than 20% since 2017; the number of such homes on the market has risen to more than 12,500 during this time”, says Nicolaj Armbrust, Managing Director of the holiday agency Traum-Ferienwohnungen: “The great thing is that many accommodations are located in Germany and so a wellness mini-break over the weekend or during the autumn holidays can be easily arranged, without the need to travel very far”.

A sauna and a relaxing whirlpool are the perfect alternatives – not only for families with children. Because spending your holiday in a holiday home is the perfect way to enjoy each and every day, all without people in the next room or fixed times for meals. In contrast to many wellness hotels, families with children do not have to be as considerate when in their own homes. Dogs are also welcome in most holiday accommodations. Landlords such as the Höper-Rauert family have adapted to changing demands: on their “Fehmarn Farmstead” Silvia and Christian Höper-Rauert have built a semi-detached wellness house, including two saunas and whirlpools. “In addition to the idea of farm holidays, the subject of wellness is becoming ever more important”, Silvia Höper-Rauert explains the rationale behind their place. Long walks or bicycle tours on the Baltic Sea island round off this wellness holiday. Whether looking for leisure activities or good restaurants, holidaymakers appreciate getting tips from private landlords who live on location.

“Many holidaymakers are looking for the peace and quiet that nature offers, and in these hectic times, they want to completely relax – and this is done best in their own lodgings”, explains Nicolaj Armbrust from Traum-Ferienwohnungen. Another example is the “Elfenhaus” belonging to the Lechner family near Oberammergau. The house is situated on its own on a mountain slope in the Bavarian Alps and not only offers a unique exterior and spectacular views of nature: a sauna with plunge pool and a rustic fireplace provide wellness, relaxation and cosiness, away from everyday life. Holidaymakers agree that the Elfenhaus has a “dreamlike atmosphere” and offers “pure relaxation”.