What is important to Germans on holiday? Vacationers from the east look for the sea, the south for wellness

After months of lockdown, some European countries, federal states and model regions in Germany are reopening to tourists and allowing the rental of holiday flats and vacation homes. Many Germans are therefore already busy looking for a villa with a sea view, a holiday flat with a sauna or a dog-friendly domicile. Traum-Ferienwohnungen has found out what is particularly important to Germans in their holiday accommodation and what they can do without. According to the survey, one in five Germans needs WLAN access even on vacation. Looking at the federal states, the majority of eastern Germans are looking for holiday residences near the sea, while 25.5 percent of Bavarians long for a pool and sauna.

Which filters are searched for most

Overview of the most popular filters in the national comparison

WLAN, terrace or television: this is most important to Germans

In a national comparison, WLAN access is also a must for a good one in five (22.6 per cent) on vacation and thus the most important. A dishwasher (13.4 per cent) and a terrace (11.6 per cent) are also important to Germans looking for holiday accommodation. A television, on the other hand, is rather unimportant to them at 5.7 per cent. The existence of a garden (5.3 per cent) and a washing machine (4.9 per cent) is also not in great demand.

In the East they want sea

Relaxing by the pool or a room with a sea view: Accommodation preferences differ depending on the federal state. The demand for holiday residences on the beach or with a sea view is particularly high among the new federal states: 55.6 percent of vacationers from Saxony-Anhalt are looking for holiday homes near the beach, with similarly high requests from Thuringia (54.9 percent) and Saxony (53.3 percent). Proximity to the sea is less important in Rhineland-Palatinate (47.4 percent), North Rhine-Westphalia (46.8 percent) and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (40.6 percent).

Over two thirds of Saarlanders are looking for a vacation with a dog

Pet owners do not want to do without their four-legged friends on vacation. This is particularly important to the Saarlanders: 71.4 percent are looking for dog-friendly accommodation. This puts them clearly ahead of Rhineland-Palatinate (64.1 percent) and North Rhine-Westphalia (61.8 percent). Less priority is given to a vacation with a pet by the Saxons, of whom only one in two (50.2 percent) is looking for a dog-friendly holiday home. In Bremen, too, requests for a vacation with a dog are lower (53.3 percent).

North Rhine-Westphalians want to get out into the fresh air

For the people of North Rhine-Westphalia, a holiday flat or holiday home with access to the fresh air is most important: 30.7 percent are looking for accommodation with a balcony, garden or terrace. Bremen’s 29.8 per cent and Lower Saxony’s 29.6 per cent also do not want to do without an outdoor holiday home.

Demand for wellness offers greatest among southern Germans

Bavarians, on the other hand, are keen on wellness during their holidays, with a good one in four (25.5 per cent) looking for a sauna or swimming pool, followed by Baden-Württemberg with 22.1 per cent. Among vacationers from Lower Saxony, spa offers play a subordinate role and are only sought in 15.5 percent of the enquiries.