Winter holiday price check: Which holiday regions attract with low prices

Shortly after the turn of the year, many people declare it time for their winter holidays. But with high inflation and rising energy costs, many people’s winter holiday budgets are on shaky ground. Reason enough to compare the prices of the most popular winter holiday resorts and ski regions and to identify winter destinations that cost less than 1000 euros per week for four people. For this we have determined the average prices of various holiday regions for a one-week stay for four adults in February 2023 as well as the occupancy rate of the respective regions.

There are 33 winter holiday regions where the average price for a one-week stay for four people is less than 1,000 euros.
The winner in terms of cheapest stay – at an average of 459 euros – is the region of Upper Franconia, which also has plenty of accommodation available with an occupancy rate of just 45%. The Ore Mountains come second at 482 euros, although they share top position with the Harz mountains when it comes to occupancy: 68%. A winter holiday in East Bavaria is also quite affordable, costing an average of 501 euros. The third-highest occupancy rate after Upper Franconia and the Harz Mountains is the Kaiser Mountains in Austria at 65%. In contrast, the Tauferer Ahrntal has the lowest occupancy rate at 14%.

Of the 33 winter-friendly holiday regions examined the nine cheapest regions are in Germany; the average price of the twelve German regions is 608 euros. Holidaymakers in Austria have to reckon with higher costs, where the average cost of the 13 holiday regions examined is 876 euros. The seven Italian holiday regions average 858 euros.
With regard to the occupancy rate, German and Austrian winter destinations are roughly the same at 41% and 40%, respectively. At an average occupancy rate of 25%, the availability of accommodation in Italy is much higher.

This table shows the average prices in the 33 regions: