Workation-Check: These European Cities Are The Cheapest Places To Live And Work

  • Online marketplace Traum-Ferienwohnungen compares the relevant costs for Workation in Europe
  • Istria (Croatia) attracts with the lowest costs for home office in the sun
  • Cost of living in five cities exceeds 2,000 euros

Many of us have been sitting in our home offices for a long time now and long for a change of scenery. That is the perfect time to relocate your working space to Europe’s dream destinations and enjoy a breathtaking panorama. We have taken a close look at all the relevant costs in everyday life and found out which cities and regions in Europe not only attract with their beauty, but also with low prices. We compared the average cost of living in seven categories (transport, leisure, gastronomy, clothing, food, utilities and accommodation) in 64 European cities.

According to the study, a longer stay in the Croatian city of Poreč is particularly inexpensive: per month, you only pay 576.40 euros to live in the coastal city – the lowest value in the European comparison. Savings can be made especially on the use of public transport and on the average monthly rent for accommodation (405.70 euros). Pula, further south, is also good value for money: at 599.70 euros a month, the Croatian seaside resort scores particularly well on leisure and gastronomic facilities (15.80 and 5.60 euros respectively).

In addition to the two cities in Istria, travel enthusiasts should take a closer look at Huelva in Andalusia, where the cost of living is 647.85 euros. You can stop off in the Spanish city for particularly little money: With an average of 5.40 euros, the prices in gastronomy are the lowest here. The top five is rounded off by two more Andalusian cities, Córdoba and Granada. At 709.20 and 716.10 euros respectively, life is relatively cheap in these towns, where medieval architecture can be admired.

You can see how high the cost of living is in all cities in this table:

On the other hand, it is more expensive in the megacities around London (2,920.20 euros), Zurich (2,677.30), Dublin (2,373.10) and Amsterdam (2,165.30). It is especially the prices for monthly rent that make living in the big cities so expensive. In Zandvoort based in the Netherlands, where the cost of living is 2,079.40 euros, workation enthusiasts have to dig deep into their pockets as well. Popular holiday destinations such as Ibiza, Chur or Nice are also above the average, which is 1,196 euros per month.

That's how different all costs are depending on the region:

And here you can see in which countries you can benefit from the lowest costs of living:

​​About the research:
For the calculation of the average cost of living in the 64 selected cities, the average prices for food, rent, transportation, leisure activities, gastronomy, clothing as well as for incidental expenses were evaluated on Numbeo. For the determination of the most popular regions in Europe for a long-term stay, the search queries on Traum-Ferienwohnungen were evaluated (as of 18 January 2022).