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We didn’t!

We dare to challenge and refine ourselves and our work continually. We always want to improve. Our vision is to create moments, that really count. For our hosts, our guests and our colleagues. This requires courage, openness and a great deal of hands-on-metality.

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Employee blog: how we work

Surviving in the TraumFewo world

In a job posting there are always numerous technical requirements that the perfect candidate should possess. Qualifications, work experience and certificates – all of this is important. We think so too, but what’s even more important is that it’s a good fit on a human level.

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Rethinking personnel management: Employees are more than human resources

A few months ago, a Master student asked me if I found any meaning in my work. It’s an in-depth question that has many philosophical implications.

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Welcome to the (Traum) Jungle!

The time has come: it’s your first day at a new job. Anyone who’s ever lived through a ‘first day’, whether it’s school, training, university or a new job, probably has some of the same things on their mind…

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Truly agile!

When is a company truly agile? How far along is it in its agile transformation? What does “agile” mean nowadays? Thoughts courtesy of Eike, PO.

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From data driven work and data democracy: Data Teams

With the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018, companies using our data has acquired a negative connotation. Why data plays an increasingly important role should not be overlooked – our colleague Sven reports!

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May we introduce?

Sales Assistance Commercial Vendors

Traum-Ferienwohnungen is indeed a “Traum” (“dream”) employer. Flexible working hours, training programmes, and a harmonious working environment ensure that I feel at home in my workplace.

Customer Support Private Lessors

I felt comfortable in my team from day one. We’re constantly growing. It is not uncommon to meet new applicants by having lunch together. The cordial atmosphere makes you feel as if you’re working in a family. It is a highly motivating atmosphere.

Key Account Management Croatia

Traum-Ferienwohnungen just nailed it! I find this environment practically perfect, great colleagues who act as a family, me working in international sales with a product that makes our clients happy, being always updated with new technologies. You develop yourself along the way!

Key Account Management North Sea

I felt at home here from day one and was given a lot of responsibility within a short period of time. As a Key Account Manager, I can plan my sales activities freely and without pressure, just as my target group demands.

Marketing Private Lessors

I joined Traum-Ferienwohnungen in 2009. To see the things we have accomplished through hard work as a team over the years is exciting and motivating. In addition to this great success story, we have never forgotten how to celebrate. True to the motto “Work hard, play hard” 😉

Content Marketing Guests

For us, everything revolves around the holidaymaker. Sometimes I feel like I am one myself ;-). Then there’s coffee, Slack, and walls covered with Post-it notes. Inspired by the close cooperation with the product team, we are trying to integrate agile methods into every sector.

Frontend Development Guests

When I left Traum-Ferienwohnungen after 4.5 years, I got to experience first-hand how other companies operate. One thing was clear: you rarely find the benefits offered here. I didn’t need much to time to decide to come back, and it felt like coming home.

Technical Customer Advisor Private Lessors

Developing new software solutions and handling technical challenges with my motivated team is lots of fun. From the very first day, I was involved in decision making. Our organisational structure allows us to determine our own way of working.

Site Reliability Engineering

Together with sympathetic colleagues, I develop and operate our server infrastructure. At Traum Ferienwohnungen I can decide quickly and therefore work most effectively with modern technologies.

Product Owner Commercial Vendors

Taking Responsibility? As long as I know my team has my back: No problem!

Product Design and Development Guests

The best thing about Traum-Ferienwohnungen? Flexible working hours and listening to music all day long if I feel like it.

Management Accounting

I support my colleagues in all commercial and financial matters and make sure that Traum-Ferienwohnungen is represented as a whole on economic topics with regards to regulators and shareholders.

Customer Service (former trainee, Office Management)

» Geniuses do not fall from the sky. They must have the opportunity to train and develop.«
August Bebel (*1840 – †1913)
I got this opportunity in my diversified training at Traum Ferienwohnungen.

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Self-run training in which trainees assume responsibility right from the start and at the same time, receive optimal supervision? That’s exactly what you’ll find here.