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We dare to do something new

Work in progress

We work with agility – in everything we do. That also means that we are never finished. We are always work in progress.

In addition to courage and curiosity, it requires a lot of openness. We are open to new ideas, open to feedback and open to this challenge.
Constructive handling of feedback and the willingness to develop in a team are the nuts and bolts for us.

Our employees are happy!
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We think of ourselves as a team

We’re not organised according to departments, but in cross-functional teams. The special feature here is that each team has all the skills they need to cater to their respective customer group on the market.

Private landlords

We take care of apartment owners.

Commercial providers

We are the contact representatives for major landlords or agencies.


We support other teams in their daily work. For example, HR, accounting, our server team, or internal IT are at home here.


We’re here for our holiday guests.

Job openings

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we are traum

100% Traum!

Employees write about their everyday work life .

What happens after you apply?

Introductory conversation

In your first introductory conversation, you’ll already get to know two to three of your future colleagues. Our conversations always take place in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. We attach great importance to openness and authenticity on both sides – because we not only want to know if you’re right for us – we should also suit you.

Get-to-know-us day

We do things a lot differently than other companies, and we want to give you the most authentic impression possible. This is easiest if you come by for the day. How the day looks in detail depends on the particular role and team. The goal of the day is to get the most realistic impression of us and our work and to get to know your future teammates.


The teams decide on employment. Honest and personal feedback is very important to us. As such, we (almost) always personally deliver decisions after interviews by phone and provide feedback – even if it didn’t work out.

Onboarding at Traum-Ferienwohnungen

Our onboarding process takes six months. During this time, you will be accompanied by a “buddy”, who (as a rule) is also your professional counterpart. Of course, in addition to your buddy, the entire team also helps with your training.

In order to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on how the training is currently running, there are feedback sessions every two months in addition to on-site assessments during the first few days.

Within this secured framework, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on your training and everything that is currently on your mind.

At the same time, you will learn how your colleagues assess you and your task performance in addition to where there is need for further development.


Speaking of development: we offer different “foundation” workshops for new colleagues, for example communication, feedback, conflict resolution, or self- and time management. These should help you find your way around our company better. They lay the foundation, so to speak, for our work.

In order to get to know the company and other teams even better, every quarter we do “OE-hoppings” during which you get to know the other teams and their mission.

Did you miss something during your training? No problem, even this process is agile and keeps evolving ;-).