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What does training at Traum-Ferienwohnungen look like?

As a modern and future-oriented company, teaching our trainees is very important to us.

As such, you won’t be making coffee or photocopies. Here you’ll learn to take responsibility, grow beyond your current self, and develop yourself even further. But you’ll never be alone: trainers and training buddies will always be at your side along the way. Our teams are also looking forward to seeing you and your new ideas.

What is the training process at Traum-Ferienwohnungen like?

During your training, you’ll go through all the major stages that correspond to the contents of your curriculum. At every stage you’ll be looked after by a training buddy who is familiar with the training content and will teach you all the important skills. Even with small projects, which you’ll soon be able to organize yourself, your buddy and team are always at your side for advice and assistance at any time.

You’ll have regular development discussions after each stage. These should help you find out where your skills lie and what you enjoy doing. There will also be reflection and feedback discussions where you can provide feedback to your buddies and receive feedback. This gives us the opportunity to support you even better.

In order to get to know each other better away from work, a joint lunch with buddies and trainees takes place every four weeks. Especially in the beginning you’ll be able to make a lot of new contacts and get to know your future buddies.

Your instructors have a broad overview of your training. They register you for exams and support you in everything involving training. Trainees and trainers meet once a month to take part in a “trainee talk”, but otherwise they’ll always be happy to lend you an ear.

In addition to the practical part of your training that you’ll complete with us, you’ll visit the vocational school together with the other trainees. This is where the theoretical part is taught.Neben dem praktischen Teil deiner Ausbildung, den du bei uns absolvierst, besuchst du gemeinsam mit den anderen Auszubildenden die Berufsschule. Hier wird der theoretische Teil unterrichtet.

Which apprenticeships are offered at Traum-Ferienwohnungen?

We are currently training for two areas: Office Manager and IT Specialist for Application Development. Depending on the training course, the training lasts between 2½ – 3 years. Ideally, your journey will continue with us, so that you can remain an integral part of our team.